First and foremost, I am so happy and grateful you are here, so thank you! My name is Danielle - I am the mother of three beautiful girls - Layla, Vita and Cora. We currently reside in North Carolina, but have traveled all over the world. I spent almost 15 years in the military - I was Air Force Security Forces, an Army Blackhawk Pilot, a Defense Analyst and now pursuing my passion to help stop pant sagging in a cute, conventional way! This is a passion for me and I want to ensure other women don’t have to struggle and waste their time on finding clothes the same way I did!

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Your time to shine

Women no longer need to feel frumpy in sagging pants or out of style in oddly cut and shaped tops – it is your time to shine (especially during pregnancy) and I hope this makes you feel like the amazing woman you are! We are grateful for your support - thank you!